10 places to visit before they are gone forever!

We all have a ‘to visit’ list somewhere in our mind if not on paper anywhere. Now what place you want to visit necessarily depends on the kind of person you are. It can be a holy place or a place with scenic beauty or an adventure land and so on and so forth but one fact that certainly is common amongst all of them is that many of these places are depleting because of the number of tourists that visit the places or because of natural calamities or because of over exploitation of resources which in turn lead to considerable number of situations that are hazardous to these places and their beauty.

Today, we have an infographic that gives you a list of top ten places that you should visit before they are gone forever or are closed down for the general public for given the way these places are depleting, many of them would be just a part of history books with the whole beauty of the place lost, the beauty that the future generations might never be able to come across. Of course, a digital fortress of all these places might be built sooner or later to relive the place in the digital world.

Anyhow, here is the infographic of 10 places to visit before they are gone forever! While you are at it, check your ‘to visit’ list and if you do find a coinciding place, maybe it’s time for you to plan a trip.

10 places to visit before they are gone forever:

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