Adobe Photoshop Tutorial VI — Creating your own Brush

It surely has been a long time since I updated this section. The last tutorial was around three months back and I apologize for not updating this section since then. Frankly speaking, I haven’t been photoshopping a lot lately myself, partly because of exams but majorly because I have been too busy playing League of Legends.:P ¬†Anyways, today I will be showing a rather simple and small technique. Well not really a technique, it’s just something that is pretty basic and comes in quite handy.

Have you ever thought about how people create their own brushes in Photoshop? Well, think no more…because today I will be showing a very simple way to achieve that. So, without any further ado, let’s begin with this tutorial:

Creating your own brush (Tutorial)

1. Create a new document. It’s just a test document so the size doesn’t really matter (don’t make a very small one though).

Now you can do two things. You can either open another document and create your own design for the brush or you can open an image (that you can get from the net or you personal pictures) and create a brush from that. The actual brush defining part remains the same no matter what you choose to do. However, using the first method, you will have to create everything from scratch, which is what you should do if you do not have any appropriate image. For this tutorial, I will not create my own ‘new’ design (since I just want to showcase the actual brush defining technique). I will be using something that I had made for a previous tutorial. Remember the photo-manip tutorial in which I made the half skull guy? I will use that image and define a brush using his head.

2. So open that image, or any other image you prefer.

3. Now select the pen tool (If you are not aware on how to use this tool right now, check some tutorials over the net for the same, I will write my own tutorial for this soon. If you just aren’t comfortable with it use any other shape selection tool).

4. If you chose the pen tool. Make a selection around the face (or any any other part of the image that you want) like this (Dotted lines represent selection):

If you chose a circular/rectangular marquee tool, make a selection like this (Dotted lines represent selection):

5. Now once you are done with the selection. Click on ‘Edit’ in the menu bar and select ‘Define Brush Preset…’ from the drop down list.

6. Name your brush and click ‘OK’. And you are done with the defining part.

7. You will see this brush at the last in your brushes and the default size will be the size of the selection you had made earlier.

8. This brush will behave like any other brush and will have its own dynamics which can be changed according to your liking. The size, hardness, opacity, blending mode can also be altered if needed.

9. Now test the newly defined brush in the test document we had made earlier.

And we are done. A very basic tutorial that comes in quite handy. Defining brushes can be quite fun and you can do everything from scratch if you want to, it’s just that it requires a lot of time.

Anyways, thanks for reading this tutorial and I apologize again for not updating this section. However, I do hope to come up with more tutorials soon (The next one will probably be about the ‘Pen Tool’). Till then, keep visiting OP and do keep reading our articles. :)

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