v8 Defeats aAa to win IPL 4 Qualifier’s Grand Finals

The IPL 4 Qualifiers League of Legends Tournament came to a close on February 26th with the American team, v8eSports clinching a 2-1 win victory over the Europen Elites, aAa (Against All Authority). The Americans had dominated the semi finals by defeating Monoesports 2-0 earlier that day. The Grand Finals, however, were rather disappointing because of the major lag issues for the European team. The three matches saw aAa have huge pings since they played on the NA servers which created a lot of issues for them. Besides, the unforeseen lag fest, all the three final matches were close and competitive making up for some of the one sided affairs seen in earlier rounds.

This win means v8eSport’s entire trip to the IPL 4 championships will be paid for by the IGN Pro League which will take place some time during March, the schedule and locations for which have not yet been revealed.

The championships will surely be fun and will most certainly offer some amazing match-ups, so be sure to tune into the live streams (at twitch.tv) and witness some amazing display of skills in the world of E-Sports!

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