Australia Whitewashed!

It was in the year 1936 that these words were quoted and since then till the year, 2012, no one would have dreamt that this would ever happen again. In the recently concluded series, Australia lost it against England 4-0.

The domination of Australia has been so predominant that it would have been extremely hard to predict something like this. With the likes of players like Warne, Ponting, the Waugh brothers, Mcgrath among many others that they were able to sustain that position for such a long time. With the departure of these greats, it has procured a void so huge that as been very difficult to fill.

The killer instinct seems to be missing from them which was their lethal weapon. Even while defending a meagre total, they would come out all cylinders firing that rescued them from hopleless situations. I am not saying that there are no good players in their side but they just seem to be very dependent on Watson, Hussey and Warner. Clarke has hands full now specially since he has to lead from the front and somehow emerge from this dismal performance.

Meanwhile, England would have been happier if the Edgebaston ODI was not washed out. England had a chance to replace Australia as the numero uno team in the ODI rankings, the catch being that they had to beat them 5-0. Their hopes were crashed by the weather Gods who decided to play spoil sport. As a result, the Aussies are still the number one team but definitely vulnerable now more than ever!

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