India to play Pakistan in December!

After a gap of nearly five years, cricketing ties between India and Pakistan will be revived. The two teams have played against each other in tournaments but a bilateral series between them seem unlikely till this news started circling around.

The news has received mixed response from the media, cricket experts and people. Many would say that this step would help unite the two nations and fight those who are behind some horrifying incidents that have terrorized both the nations.

On the other hand, some experts feel that our neighbours from across the border have not been very helpful regarding the event that traumatized the nation in the year 2008.

India was set to be the designated host but that is yet to be confirmed. Most likely, the matches would be played at a neutral venue. The UAE has served as home for Pakistan over the years since the dreadful shooting during the Pakistan-Srilanka series. In all probability, that would serve as the host for the three One Dayers and two T20 matches.

When asked about this to Dhoni, the level headed captain replies in his casual avatar,”We have to be positive and we have to understand that we are representing the country. It will be a bit tough because of the hectic schedule but we have to do well against Pakistan also,” he said ahead of the team’s departure for the limited overs series in Sri Lanka.

At the beginning of yet another new season in Indian cricket, fitting this would be a little difficult in between a jam packed schedule. Meanwhile, a new era is at dawn with the void left by Rahul Dravid’s departure. It will be eager to see who will be seen fit to fill his place.

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