How to deal with information overload?

How to deal with information overload?

We have said this time and again in a number of posts in the past as well and yet we have to say it again – Internet is the biggest and the best technologically possible discovery ever done by mankind. Even though it has had it’s negatives as well and yet the world now lives a life on the internet.

The internet is all of 23 years old yet it already has become a life for so many people, a virtual identity today is as important as a real world identity is. As per the statistics, the following things happen every 60 seconds on the internet:

  • 160 million e-mails are sent and received.
  • 1,500 Blog posts are created.
  • 98,000 Tweets are posted on Twitter
  • 6,94,445 Google search results are delivered
  • 6,95,000 Facebook status updates are posted
  • 6,600 photos are uploaded on Flickr
  • 600 videos are uploaded on You Tube.

Given that so much is happening every sixty seconds in the world of internet, it is important to prioritize. With so many things to do and so many things to cater, it is really important to deal with the information overload that the internet has led us into.

This can be achieved by a number of ways but the implementation isn’t that easy.

Here is an infographic that tells you how to deal with information overload.

Here is the infographic – The top ten ways to deal with information overload on the internet.

Check it out:

So we hope these techniques will help you out to effectively manage the information overload. Do come back to have a look at some more interesting infographics!

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