5 Chrome Extensions to share discover and share content!

Social Networks have become an integral part of the life of most of the geeks and the internet user base in general. Almost every user with an email account today is on one of the social networking site out there. If not on a social networking site then on one of the famous content discovery site (Stumble Upon, Digg, Pearl Trees) at least.

Ever since sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Stumble Upon and a few others have come into existence, these have been effectively used for content discovery and content sharing. Today, we are going to provide you the top 5 plug ins that we came across or rather the extensions that will help you do the content discovery and sharing easily and quickly.

1. Digg This Page

Digg This Page is what gives you the power of sharing any webpage that you come across and submit it right to your Digg account i.e. Digg the page. It is one of the best and the most effective way of digging a web page that we have come across.

2. StumbleUpon 

StumbleUpon extension is an official extensions of the site itself. What this extension does is provide a toolbar at the top of the page to easily ‘stumble’ or like a page that you have visited using the stumble button or ‘like’ a page that you are already on.

3. bitly | a simple URL shortener

bitly is one of the best URL shortener and at the same time one of the best sharing extension that we have come across. Once you login to your bitly account and apply the API keys for your various twitter and facebook accounts, all you have to do is click the icon on the toolbar, and with a single click of mouse, by clicking the ‘share’ button, the webpage along with a custom text which can be the page title or something similar. The extension shares the shortened URL on all of your accounts! That makes it the best sharing extension we have come across. Even though the fact that people have an aversion to opening bit.ly links for most of the times they are spammy, this tool definitely makes sharing easier.

4. Buffer for Chrome

If you are someone who loves to schedule his tweets or updates on facebook, Buffer for Chrome is the extension to go for you. Buffer is a website that lets you schedule your tweets by setting time intervals. Even though the free version lets you schedule only 10 updates but using the extension you can add any webpage directly to your buffer. A nice extension for twitter users.

5. Shareaholic

So here comes the best of them all. Shareaholic has almost every social media tool that is present on the internet. Let it be twitter, facebook, google+, stumble upon, digg, linedin, bebo, orkut, bit.ly, wordpress blog, blogger, friendfeed, you name it and this sharing tool has it to share the content that you want with your friends or on your blog or anywhere else! 

So that’s our top 5 list of the best social sharing and discovery chrome extensions that we have come across. 

Do you have any other favorite that we forgot and you will like to share it with us?

Do write to us in the comment section.

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