90% of the Top 100 mobile phone applications are hacked!

90% of the Top 100 mobile phone applications are hacked!

Mobile computing is by far the largest and the most competitive field in the field of technology at the moment. With a number of Operating Systems for the mobile platform, more and more developers are drawn towards the field. The biggest incentive or the biggest advantage that the developers have in the field of mobile computing is the presence of so many devices and consequently millions of users downloading the applications day in and day out.

Now even though mobile phone applications or smart phone applications have gone on to become one of the biggest industry, just like anything else, it has it’s downsides. In a recent study, out of the top 100 mobile phone applications, 90 of them or 90% of them are hacked. Now ‘hacked’ doesn’t mean that the application will be able to see your personal information or outsource it to somebody. Over here, hacked means the presence of extracted installer files (.apk for Android, .ipa for iOS devices) which can be downloaded for free, thus, taking away the share of the developers who have developed the application.

To highlight just a few key points. 92% of the Top Paid apps for iOS devices have found to be hacked while 100% yes, 100% of the Top Paid apps on the Android Google Play Store have been found to be hacked. Given that Android is Open Source, it isn’t difficult to extract the .apk file of it but given that 92% of the applications on iOS have been extracted comes as some sort of a surprise.

So here is the infographic that displays the complete details of how much hacking has gotten into the Google Play Store and the Apple App Centre.

Here is the infographic:


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