Amazing Alex : App Review

App Name: Amazing Alex

Platform : Android

Cost : 0.99$ & 2.99 $ for HD version


So the developers of Angry Birds i.e. Rovio are back with an exciting game. No, this time it isn’t another edition of the Angry Birds series but something different. Rovio has to be rated as one of the top developers that mobile gaming has seen in recent time. Angry Birds has arguably been played by almost every person who has owned a smart phone in recent history. Angry Birds have gone to become a phenomenon let alone a game. Rovio, finally have come up with a new game and they have named it Amazing Alex but is it really a worthy successor to the hit Angry Birds serious? Our answer is a definitive big in block letters YES!

Amazing Alex, just like Angry Birds is a physics based game where the character i.e. Alex being stuck at home does a lot of things with the things that he finds in the house. The game is basically based on a Rube Goldberg machine, which  some of you might be aware of. For those who aren’t, it is a machine that does a very simple task in a complicated way. We are pretty sure you would have seen a video of the same somewhere or the other.

If one takes a look at the interface of the game, it is pretty similar and does have an Angry Bird or a Rovio feel to it. The main menu is the same as it used to be in Angry Birds, various levels in each chapter and you have to complete the chapter’s in the first to unlock the second chapter. Just as it used to be in Angry Birds. Another thing common to them are the first couple of levels. The first couple of levels are tutorials that explain what the game is all about and how it is to be played. How do you have to angle the objects for the Rube Goldberg to perform as per the objective of the game while collecting star coins along with the completion of the level. Another thing similar would be the rating stars that you get for each level but unlike Angry Birds where the stars were based on the score, over here as stated, you have to collect them.

Locations, for now, include Classroom, The Backyard, Alex’s Bedroom, and The Treehouse. Of course, Rovio’s track record with Angry Birds suggests that these “locations” are only going to increase in number in the future.

The levels, as one goes on get difficult progressively which as always is a good thing and is one the biggest reasons that you stay hooked to the game. We would have expected Rovio to add a tutorial for every scenario but we kind of got stuck on a certain level. Maybe we are dumb as per them for given the way these guys design Physics based games, they sure appear to be genius to us!

There are different objectives to achieve in every level, apart from collecting the coins along of course and these objectives include dropping a ball into the basket, make the ballon to be cut by the scissors or to avoid such a situation and many that contain all of these in a mix match. There are more than 100 levels already which means this game is going to keep you hooked for a long long time. A couple of days at least!  If all of this wasn’t enough, the game also gives you an opportunity to create your own levels which is an amazing thing in itself. As for the graphics, well, in a game that requires brain, we wouldn’t sulk about the graphics but as for Amazing Alex, the graphics aren’t bad either. As long as The Rube Goldberg machine is making us work, we are happy with it.

All in all, Amazing Alex is yet another awesome creation by Rovio even though it isn’t an original for they bought an iOS game named Casey’s Contraptions which was based on the Rube Goldberg machine and then transformed it into Amazing Alex before releasing it for both iOS and Android. We give Amazing Alex a good 4 on 5 from us at Observer’s Paradise.

Amazing Alex can be downloaded from the Google Play store here.

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