Android Developers : Figures!

Now that the Android Market or what now is known as Google Play has applications in multiple hundred thousands (x00,000)  it is about time to talk about he developers who do develop the applications. Now, even though it’s a common misconception that developing an Android application is difficult, whereas some have this common misconception that developing an Android Application is easy. The fact is, developing an Android application can be both easy and difficult. If you are working on developing an application that displays ‘Hello World’ on the screen is easy but if you are looking to implement something different something new, well, it can surely get pretty tough. Google Play has both kind of applications, both easy to build and some which are as complex as they can get.

Given that Android is an open source project, hence it is always helpful to imbibe from other projects, which is arguably the best part of open source, apart from the customization that you can do at the user end. So today, we thought we will bring you a nice little insight into the life of an average Android Developer. 

Here are a few facts that the infographic talks about:

  • Out of all the applications developed till date, 19% of the Android Developers belong to US while the 13% of the Android Developers belong to India. (A personal moment of pride right there!)
  • 53% of the Android Developers use Samsung Mobile phones for development purposes. (Not surprising of course. Samsung are probably the best in mid range Android Devices hence the result)

Below is an infographic by Startapp, which visualizes all about Android developers like their favorite types of movies, musics and other hobbies:

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