Android Market / Google Play : The Evolution!

The Android Market has changed several folds in the past couple of years or rather ever since it’s release in October 2008. The change has been so much so that other than the User Interface going under a complete revamp, the name of the Android Market was changed to Google Play in March 2012.

Ever since Android came into existence, the number of users who use smart phones have started choosing Android as their first choice device for the sheer power and the open source nature of the Operating System. The Android Market, now, the Google Play Store has millions of applications that millions of users download every single day.

Speaking of the evolution of Google Play or the Android Market, when Android Market was first launched it had just 50 applications to choose from. Back then, the number of Android devices wouldn’t have been millions either nor was the storage on board on these devices such that you could download hundreds of applications on to your device. That was one day and then one is today, when Android devices are backed up with 32gigs of storage on board and there are more than 450,000 applications to choose from. If the figures aren’t astonishing enough, another fact that is astonishing is that the 10 Billionth application was downloaded from the Android Market / Google Play Store in December 2011!

As millions of Android devices are unlocked daily, there was an increasing need for Google to put together an app store that displays all the worth downloading applications while allowing the user to search effectively for what exactly they are looking for. While doing all this, also providing the user with a sleek User Interface that can run smoothly on all low end to high end range of Android Devices. Google Play certainly is sleek.

So here is an infographic that talks about the growth of the Android Market or the Google Play Store over the years ever since it first came into existence. Here is the timeline infographic of the Google Play Store:

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