App Review: Blueprint 3D

Price: $0.99

Platform: App Store

Hi all. Today i have a brilliant puzzle game which i have been hooked on for a day. I find good puzzle games diff

This is an amazing game in which, with your finger, have to move a jumbled up blueprint so that all the pieces match together and make an extraordinary blueprint. In this game you do not have to move any pieces, like a puzzle, only change the picture and see the pieces match together to make an everyday object, military material, electronic device, a piece of architecture an much much more. It is quite difficult to describe how to play the game but when you download it, it will all make sense.icult to find, as they have to be appealing to me, nifty and not be too difficult. The player must be able to complete the levels without spending 5 mins on it. Puzzle games which move quickly and are classy. This one covers all those areas and it is called Blueprint 3D.

The app has many levels and quite a few categories. There are many interesting categories and 35 levels in each category. The categories are sorted by what kind of blueprint you are making for. So one category is for electronic devices and another for architecture. They have a very wide range and what i also like is that when you match up the blueprint it tells you what the blueprint is for, so as you are enjoying yourself play the game you can pick up some general knowledge as well. Another good thing is that it is 3D so it looks very modern and very nifty.

I really like the game as it is very simple and not too challenging. However, this can propose as a problem because many people would like challenging games. But for others, a quick, rhythmic game is their cup of tea and it certainly is mine. Another magnificent game which is very good value for money considering the price. It will have you hooked and even though there are so many levels i am sure you will be able to complete it very quickly. 

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