App Review : CoachNote

App Review : CoachNote

Platform: iOS

Cost: $1.99


Are you someone who is into sports and loves to strategize the game you play? Well, this application is certainly a jackpot for you! CoachNote is all about creating strategies for a number of sports out there and the number of sports that have been listed for you to strategize, well, to state the fact we weren’t even aware of a couple of sports at all. We weren’t even aware that a sport like that exists but this application has it all.

CoachNote has nifty little interface that lets you choose from tons and tons of sports and create your strategy for a specific sport that you have chosen. Once you have chosen the sport, as per the game, it lets you add players on the field of play and lets you strategize as to which player will be performing what task and build specific moves for specific situations which is something that a sport enthusiast and someone who loves to create strategies of their favorite sport would love.

CoachNote has everything that a coach of any game would ever need as far as strategizing a move in any game is concerned. Sure there are a number of sports to choose from but even if there is one that you play and it isn’t listed, which we highly doubt, one can also create a custom board as well. This is an interesting little addition for sure.

Another feature that we loved about CoachNote is that it lets you create and record videos of your plays with your voice as well. This is one feature that will let you create moves that can be shared at a later time with your team or anyone with whom you want to share the move that you have created without repeating yourself again and again. The way this application animates the moves also makes it all the more interesting. Another thing, which we believe every coach note application would have is the allowing you to name the players which will help you and your team understand the move quickly and in a better way for they will exactly know what their part is in the move or the play.

Coming to the final feature that we loved about CoachNote is the ability to convert the notes that you have created using the application into a pdf format file for easily e-mailing them or for later use as well.

The ability of the application to animate and test the play is something that makes this application a must have.

All in all, CoachNote is one application that every sportsperson who loves to create strategies would love and the detailing that this application has makes it the best whiteboard play creating application that we have ever come across. There is nothing in the application that had a flaw. We give CoachNote a perfect 5 on 5 from us at Observer’s Paradise.

You can download CoachNote from the iTunes store here.

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