App Review: Eden-World Builder

Price: 0.69p

Platform: App store

Hi all. Today i am posting another brilliant app which many people might now know about. It is a perfect app fro people who like designing and building things. An app that can keep you hooked for a very long time. In this app simply, you make things. Anything you want at all. Think of a design in your brain and make it in this little nifty app.

This app is brilliant if you see yourself as wanting to make things. The structures look very neat and realistic and one can go as crazy or as sophisticated as they like. The app does not take up much space, surprisingly, and is definitely worth it for the price. 

You make all your structures in this game using blocks. Blocks that sit or stand together and fit perfectly next to each other. This does create a problem. When building massive structures or ones with many blocks this does take a long time. It is inevitable for you not to make a block with not that many structures in this game so you will need a lot of patience. But any chance you get, you can add a little bit and slowly see your creation come to life….kind of. There are also many types of blocks and colors you can use to make your structure look even more unique. Plus, as i said before, with time you can build amazing things. Some people have built massive cities and towns to enormous amounts of detail. And when you finish, it is an amazing thing to look at and be proud of the fact that you made this. If you download this game, you can go and see the things which other users have made and see the amazing things they have done. I have not built much but am still having lots of fun and this brilliant app. Another, really good thing in this app is that it is very realistic. You can place some TNT and burn it so it blows the ground up and it is easier to build underground. Also, wooden block can be easily burnt whereas others can not. Furthermore, you can get water and fire blocks and do wonderful things. These blocks expand when you place one. 

On the other hand, in amazing apps there are some downfalls and in this app there are quite a few which might affect your decision of buying this app. The first, is that it is very fiddly, when trying to build something you might fall of or have to start again so that is something to be careful and wary of. The other is that if you are not very patient then this is not the app for you. Patience is a virtue in this app. Lastly, to look at a different place or to swivel on the spot you need to swipe the screen. the problem is, sometimes a block might be placed somewhere you dont what it to be place or something might be hacked off by accident. These little things can be a real pain and get very annoying. 

These negative parts of the game can make a very big difference but i would still recommend this game to everyone who is patient and likes making things. 

Your app reviewer-verish

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