App Review-Ferrari GT Evolution

Platform: iPod, iPad, iPhone

Price: 0.69p

Hi All. Here is another great review with a brilliant app coming your way. This i time the app is a racing game which are very popular on the app store but are very difficult to find. I will say, that this app is one of the more decent racing games on the market. This one works as it is not too complicated and has a very good but simple career mode along with multiplayer and quick races. The game, as it is an official merchandise of Ferrari, also contains more than 30 genuine cars with very accurate information. Today i will be focusing most of my review on the career mode as i have only mostly played that mode and it is the one which i think is the most interesting. 

Well the career mode includes many cities with their very famous landmarks for example, you start off in Rome, as that is where ferrari is based, and when driving through the city you will see the famous landmarks such as the Colosseum. The detail is very good and the graphics are not very bad on an iPod so i am guessing the graphic on the iPad are going to brilliant. You will find out in career mode that there are three or so types of races. One which is a normal race containing three laps of the track, one is a duel with a rival in their home city (you also have to complete a mission during the duel) and one which is a mission in helping a so called ‘friend’. These all get very hard and are all very fun. 

You have one setting in between races where you can buy cars, look at your statistics, look at your trophies and check your computer. On the computer you can check your emails where you get invitations to types of races. The races contain three laps of a certain track and there are usually eight people in the race. During the race you can not knock people out but it is not very difficult to ‘over-lap’ people. 

The next mode is a duel. These get harder as you progress and you cant go on with the career without beating them. Usually, the place where the person is from is the track you race on and during the race you have to complete some sort of goal. This makes the experience much harder hence making the game more fun and addictive.

The last one is that as you move through the game you meet new people. These people are added to your friends list, along with your rivals, and you have to help them in some way. Either by taking them to a certain place or by picking up stuff left on the road. Again, you can not progress with the story without passing this mode.

That is basically the career mode for all of you. The game is very good but is not too difficult. The experience is very genuine, official and sophisticated. The game is one of the best racing games on the market and it is on their with a great price. I suggest you definitely go and download it. A very enjoyable, addictive and fun game. Recommended!

From you app reviewer-Verish

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