App Review: The Cube Game

Platform: iPod, iPhone, iPad

Price: 0.69p

Hi All. Here i am again reviewing a wonderful game but not at all well known. It really is amazing; its just a shame people dont know about it that much. If you are reading this hoping that it will  be another extraordinary, out of the blue addictive game then you can stop reading now. Although the name suggests that it is a “game” it actually is a wonderful journey to find things out about yourselves that you already dont know about. 

The game contains 5 aspects. It is a lot of question and answering. The game ask you to imagine a setting. Then as your journey goes along the game will ask you to place five things in that setting. And will ask you questions about the aesthetics of that object such as the size, the colour, what it is doing, positioning and many more.  Then as you answer the questions it will figure out the things you are about to go through or are going through. It will also explain your personality and diffeent things like that.

The first object represents you and your personality so it will explain what you do and what things you should do to stay at your best and achieve the best you can.

Then another object will explain your opportunities and goals in your life. For example if you have a clear goal it will mention that n the text. It will also tell you how you can achieve your goals well and what advice you should take and not take. It can guide you clearly to your goal. 

Another object will tell you about the worries in your life and the difficulties you are going through. It will also tell you how to overcome these difficulties and what you should do so you you dont struggle too much. If you listen you listen to it clearly then it can really help.

Another object tells you about your life partner and relationship. So it will tell you your perfect life partner and whether or not you know him/her or not and when you will fend him/her. It also tells you your favorite and most vivid memory of a friend. Si ti tells you when it will take place and what the occasion will be like. 

The last one tells you about your friend and the way you socialize with others. It also tells you what you can do to stay at your best with your friends and how to be at your best most of the time. 

If you dont delete the game after using ti then other people can check it as well and after a few months you can check your’s as well. I ahve no idea how this works but i know that this is very accurate and very real(if you put in honest answers). It is really interesting to find out about yourself and what you can do. 

With all this knowledge there are a few disadvantages. For example, at the end when it tells you about the way you have answered it is a really long read and also to some people it might not be the easiest to understand. So you need to have patience and a lot of concentration. Also, even after you have read the end of your journey and have gone to your destinaation then there is nothing to do with the app unless you want to share your answers. Furthermore because of the price many people might not like to purchase it as it might not be worth it. So depending on whether you are willing to spend 69p for the app then the app is pretty good and if you can get it for free (from the deals and offers) then i think you should get it. 

From the app reviewer-Verish

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