App Review: Tiny Wings

Price: £0.69

Platform: App Store

Hi all. Today i am posting a nice, little, simple app which has been on the market for some time and I don’t know why I didn’t review it earlier. This really is a good app and nowadays the simple apps are the ones we enjoy the most. For example, Temple Run, very nice and simple, had us all hooked; doodle jump, a wonderful app which many children liked towards the start of the app store birth; angry birds, a great app which everyone loves but has a very simple concept and fruit ninja, simple and addictive. This game, like all the others is addictive, fun and easy to play. I am sure all of you will love it. 

The concept of the game is simple – you have tiny wings and you want to fly! The more you fly and the further you get, the more points you get. It is already very simple. Now to fly what you have to do is press and hold a touch screen while going downhill. This make you, the bird, heavy and glide downhill easily. Then, once you have reached the point of the least gravitational energy you simply let go of the touch screen and it will shoot up and fly into the air. The rules  are simple and the game seems simple but timing is everything and if you get it wrong then you will not get the best scores. If you have very good timing then this might be the game for you. 

On the way, while you are flying (or attempting to fly), you will have some chances to pick up some coins. The more coins you get, the better it is for your score. Just like this, there is another object which you collect to give yourself a little boost. And to improve your multiplier, you have to reach certain objectives. These might be to touch the clouds or to do a certain number of great slides. Just like temple run, the higher your multiplier, the more points you can get easily. 

This game seems a little bit of a cross between iCopter (from the rules and the controls) and it seems to have the design feature of angry birds. Some might call it copying but I wouldn’t and I wouldn’t expect a freelance developer to have much of a massive choice between the controls or the design. But nonetheless, it is still a great app and easily to get hooked by, so I suggest you watch out. Worth the money and recommended. Perfect if you just want to have some fun.


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