Apple iPad 3: A smaller iPad? by Bethany

As the technology has advanced, the need of the hour is that devices should be more compact and those, which are quicker than their previous versions. For the same purpose, Apple Inc. had launched iPad in the year 2010, which is a tablet and has become popular over the period of time. Initially, it was marketed as a platform for audio- visual media including games, music, books and web content.

The first model featured inbuilt wi-fi technology and second version had wi-fi + 3G model, and both the model were just released in the US. With its international launch in May 2010, world got its first tablet in the form of iPad. It gained more popularity when iPad 2 was internationally released in March 2011. Reportedly, the iPad users have found it difficult to carry a big tablet even though when it features all the PC programs. Over the period of time Apple Inc. has worked on the features of the iPads but it has never thought of redesigning the iPad. But as the rumors are rife, this time Apple will certainly not disappoint its clients and work on iPad’s design.

If the rumors are to be believed about Apple’s new generation iPad3, it is set to launch in March 2012. However, the inside sources reveal that Apple will not view its new iPad as iPad3 and rather it will be just an upgrade to its previous version. It is also clarified that the iPad2-upgraded version will not be launched before the third quarter of 2012 at the earliest.

The third generation iPad is on the verge to become slightly thicker than what it used to be, with its launch in 2012. This is because, the iPad may feature twin light bar system and hence to accommodate its device, iPad will modestly increase in its size. With this sort of news doing rounds, the Apple iPad users are excited about its launch and say that they would love to jump on the smaller iPad. They feel that the current size is too big to serve their purpose. The previous versions of iPad have been like a note pad that had to be grasped with two hands. The third generation iPad is rumored to be one hand held version and it is going to be just 5.5 inches wide. While it’s current length is considered just perfect for the use. It will also feature high-resolution display panel, which will not be as slender as that of iPad 2.

If Apple Inc. executes what it has already planned for 2012, its iPad sales will supposedly spiral upward and reach a whopping 66 million in 2012. This will help Apple to gain a formidable position in the world market for iPad.

The third generation iPad will have all the features of iPad 2. It will be enabled with gyro, 3+MP back, camera with flash and will feature all new more durable and water resistant case. This will let the users travel with iPad without worrying much. Here, it might have slight reduction in its battery life. Although Apple does not plan to launch too many features in its smaller version in one go, but it is believed that iPad 3 featuring the retina display technology will be released by the end of the year 2012.



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