Apple vs Microsoft: Infographics

We are back with yet another infographic for you.

This time, we will provide you something other than just an infographic as well! 

We are talking about one of the biggest rivalry of the times gone by in the world of technology. This rivalry can easily be described as the reason for the evolution of computers, for the evolution of technology! 

We are talking about the Mac vs PC or more plainly Apple vs Microsoft.

First things first, here is the infographic that we came across. This infographic talks about everything BIG that has conspired in the companies since the beginning of time. Here is the infographic:

Okay now that you through the amazing infographic which isn’t actually as much visually appealing but contains a lot of information about the companies, we are going to share the other aspect of the rivalry between the two companies. 

We are talking about the advertisement rivalry. Now even though this is just the Apple’s version of the advertisements. In this collection of adverts Apple explains the reason why to buy a Mac.

Even though we have posted this in a post before as well in our best advertisements from around the world post, yet there is a need to share it again!

Here is the collection. Sit back and enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed the above two. We surely did. Stay tuned for soon we are going to put up another rivalry about the mobile Operating System Giants. Apple being the common link in this one!

We will talk about Android v/s iOS. Watch this space for more soon!

Until then, a Mac or a PC, it all depends on you. We love them both!

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