Are you a blogger? (Infographic)

Yesterday, we gave you an infographic that spoke about how a website functions explaining the basics of how the website is built, the tools required and related info.

Today, we are here to talk about bloggers or to state it pretty clearly-  we are here to talk about us. Read on if you are interested. 😉

Bloggers are one community that as per us, are the most hard working people as far as the internet is concerned. No, we aren’t self boasting but it’s a well known fact that the amount of work that a blogger has to put in to run a successful blog or website is enormous and takes a great amount of time and skills to do the same. Even though the average user or the ‘noob’ will say that setting up a website is the easiest of tasks but the fact is it most definitely isn’t.

We too sometimes feel that it would have been so much better if all we had to do was to create a post, write the content, publish it and forget it but to make a post work requires a lot of sharing and promotion all over the web. If you are a pro blogger you will be well aware of what we are talking about over here.

Here is a nice infographic from the Infolinks team which shows that what goes inside the brain of a blogger. Even though it mainly shows the mentality of a pro-blogger and hence can be effectively used by any blogger to know if he actually is a pro-blogger.

So are you a blogger? Or are you a pro-blogger?

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