ASUS to release Dual Boot Windows 8 + Android Tablet today?

ASUS is one company that has been known for doing innovative stuff as far as technology is concerned. Asus’ Transformer Prime’s specifications are such that it can beat any tablet any day be it in Quadrant Standard score or anything at all.

A couple of days ago, ASUS released two trailers of what they might bring about in Computex today i.e. 4th of June. If the video trailer is to be believed, Asus is going to release a dual boot tablet that will function both as a Windows 8 tab and an Android Tablet. Here is the video trailer that we are talking of:

A little while later they released another one hitting pretty much the same dual boot tablet.

Here is the video:

If Asus do go on to release the dual boot tablet, which, even though isn’t the first one on the market but the failure of the other to make a mark for the OS that were provided in it weren’t really heart warming. One has to believe that Asus Windows 8-Android Tablet, if it does come out with good specifications, close to that of Transformer Prime TF101 if not the same, the rest of tablet market, specially company’s like Apple and Samsung would be looking forward to what Asus is going to release today. If it does what it says in the preview video, we don’t have even little bit of a doubt this would go on to become the first choice tablet for the consumers. What it would cost is surely something keeping an eye out for.

In the patent war, releasing a dual boot tablet appeared far fetched but now that Asus has taken up the job, it has gotten us excited. Keep a check on this place for we will keep you updated when the dual boot tablet is finally revealed later today!

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