Batman and the history of Bat Suits! (Infographic)

Batman, one of the best superhero created by DC Comics has got much appreciation and the Batman Comics have been read by millions around the globe. For those of you who aren’t aware, Batman first came into existence in the year 1939 and ever since a number of comics, the total number we weren’t able to comprehend but we expect it to be in multiple thousands as far as our calculations lead us. The fan following of the Batman series has been such that a number of movies have been made in the past and the last one in the series, Batman: The Dark Knight has been claimed to be the best yet by the critics while all the movies have been watched and appreciated by millions around the globe. We expect the next one to be as good as the previous one.  

The best things and most probably the most attractive things about Batman, other than Batman is the Bat Suit! Ever since Batman comics first came to the scene, the Batman’s suit or the Bat Suit has gone under several revamps. Today, we are going to present to you an infographic that  talks about the various Bat suits, the various changes that have been brought about as far as the bat suits are concerned. Now, in thousands of comics, we believe that the Bat Suit would have gotten a number of revamps, so in this infographic, we bring to you the ‘significant’ changes that have been brought about in these revamps. 

Finally, here is the infographic that talks about the various changes that have been brought about to Batman’s Bat Suit:

We would recommend you to click on the image to enlarge for better viewing! 


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