Blast from the Past #22

Away From Her

[xrr rating=0.5/5]

Review: I have never seen a film which is so full of some of the most boring, redundant and obvious vignettes. The only amazing part about it is that how it consistently fails to be everything synonymous to romance and sentiments, what it so desperately aspires to achieve. Nothing works here. Even all those filters dont help.





The Ladykillers

[xrr rating=3/5]

Review: Its wildly funny and that almost makes up for its lack of ambition. Great characters, priceless dialogues and terrific performances. It’s just that its a case of the sum not being equal to its parts. Yet I’ll count it to be one of the Tom Hanks’ best films. And do look out for Irma P. Hall– hers is probably one of the best comedic achievements in a long time.


Kate and Leopold

[xrr rating=1/5]

Review: The worst thing that can happen to a rom-com is when it fails to be both romantic and funny. Sad, everyone is out of form with such predictable scenes, desperate jokes, bad dialogues and no charm. Burns my heart to see Meg Ryan getting old and struggling to fit in unsuccessfully and as for Hugh Jackman- it’ll be good for him and us if he sticks to X-men series.


The Departed

[xrr rating=2/5]

Review: A cliched gangster film with familiar gangster movie characters. It has neither anything worthwhile to say nor ability to be entertaining enough. And that pointlessly cliched climax just did it for me. One of those atrociously overrated films.

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