Book Review: ‘Rainy Days’ A Love Story by Samarth Prakash

Blurb: Every journey begins with a chase. We chase success. We chase love. We chase happiness. But what happens when that chase is suddenly interrupted by a long wait? Will love endure that wait? And will that wait ever end? Will all roads be closed? Or will an uneasy path open up somewhere?

Rainy Days is the story of Raghav and his pursuit of love in the midst of success, of Megha and her own world of wavering thoughts. It’s a journey that begins with a chance encounter. It’s a rainy days
journey that takes them through sweet meetings and doleful partings, through long drives and silent walks, through the endless rain of joy and melancholy — a journey that inevitably brings them to the crossroads of love and life, more than once.

It’s about the choices that life gives us, about the paths that we take, and the ripple effect that it has on our lives.

Read on to find out what’s in store in the lives of Raghav and Megha.


Rainy Days begin on a high and the way it did, I expected it to sustain the level at which it opened but after a few pages, everything started going downhill. I have no doubt in my mind that the author loves philosophy and we saw so much of it through the book but it at sometimes appeared out of place and to a certain extent not required. Even though saying that it wasn’t required is more of a personal opinion for it somehow gave a break to the flow of the story. As is evident in the blurb, rainy days is a twisted tale of love of Raghav and Megha even though I hate to term it as a love story for it certainly didn’t hit any chords of my heart in any way whatsoever.

The character sketch of both Raghav and Megha appears a little weak and it would have been so much better had the both of them being portrayed with a little more detail. Even though I have singled out the leads of the story to have a poor character sketch but the fact is the same thing goes for every other character irrespective of his or her being big or small hasn’t been described in a way that could make me relate to it in any way possible. I wouldn’t say that the book is badly written, but it certainly could have been a lot better had proper care been taken of detailing the right things and leaving out the irrelevant for as far as I am concerned I certainly found a lot of irrelevant things which take no part in the context of the story. The conversations between the characters in some places appear to dry and seldom unrealistic. That was one part that just took away the feel of the book. Even though many conversations between Raghav and Megha are certainly sweet and to a certain extent enjoyable but everything in the book appeared to be too dry and something certainly didn’t click. Thinking of the positive, the philosophy is certainly good and so is the conceptualization of the model of RS3 in the book, something that you will get only if you read it. I tend to believe that this book would have been so much better had it been all about RS3 rather than being the love story of Raghav and Megha. Thinking about it to be a love story certainly makes me question the definition of love story. I mean fine, the author has tried to portray romance (which too appears dry by the way), the author has tried to add twists, he has tried to portray the wait, the longing for real love and in trying to do so much, he couldn’t grip any of them. We went from one part of the book to the other without having any sort of connection.

All in all Rainy Days turns out to be a little below par, but it certainly had the potential of being a whole lot more with the proper detailing of the right things. I hate to say this but to me it appears that the story that has been jotted down is a work of mind and not a work of mind and heart  working together for if it were so, the story certainly would have left some sort of an impact which it certainly didn’t.

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