Brushes-App Review


iPad, iPhone

This app is the best way to dab and smear your feelings or a create a piece of artistic perfection on to an apple gadget. Modify the brush size, choose different colours, overlap images, make backgrounds, choose different types of brushes and paint on to a screen with your finger. It is really like a proper artist experience except that you can do anywhere from a long road trip to your sofa in your home. Another unique feature in this app is you can make your very own virtual gallery. When you have “brushed” some paintings have a virtual tour of your very own gallery. See your past paintings to your recent perfections. The best feature that comes with this app is the “replay” button. Press replay and learn from what you did before by watching the process of your favourite artwork being created. The app may be a bit on the dearer side but if you are someone who loves painting i believe you can get quite a bargain with this nifty little app. I have also heard that a few famous artists have used this app to create paintings on their iPads. Overall, if you are a avid painter i really recommend you buy this app

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