Can you Skip class today?

How many times have you had that moment in the morning when you weighed your options that should you or shouldn’t you attend the class? Well, we wouldn’t be wrong in saying ‘five times a week’ or in simpler words, every day you have to attend a class!

So, while we were on our content hunting spree, we stumbled upon this nifty little Algorithm built by college humor that will make it easier for you to decide that is it worth the pain to get up and attend the class! 

Sure there are a number of permutations and combinations but as far as we believe, be it attendance issue, be it a class which begins early in the morning (8 AM is fairly early by college standards), be it something else, this algorithm has covered most of them! 

So, here is the algorithm that explains that will help you analyse that you can you or can you not skip class today:


























































































































Now even though as harsh as it might appear, it’s a fact all you do in class, is go in there, take a favourable seat and sleep! We just gave you a descent enough algorithm to decide whether you should be sleeping in class or rather be somewhere else doing something more productive than sleeping. As a matter of fact, anything will be better than sleeping but then again, there are things to take care of and professors’ ego to satisfy and well, as stated earlier as well, a number of permutations and combinations to take care of but ultimately it all comes down to that moment in the morning when you got to decide that should you or shouldn’t you be going for the class. So the next time you are in a dilemma, do keep in mind the algorithm!

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