Canabalt HD : App Review

Platform: Android

Cost: 3$

Google Play Store Link

When we laid our hands on this game, the first reaction that came to mind was – Jailbreaker. 

If you are someone who has played the game Jailbreaker or Jailbreaker 2, we are pretty sure you will share the same feeling but there is a big difference, a HUGE difference when it comes to playing this game. Even though the concept is same that of the Jailbreaker – run for your life, jump over objects, avoid obstacles and then there is more which wasn’t really seen in Jailbreaker is the feel of the game. In jailbreaker, the emphasis is on ‘run run run’, run away and save your life but over here in Canabalt HD, the first and foremost is how the overall game looks, how the music, which the developers have emphasized upon quite a bit, right in the start where it says- ‘Use Headphones for best experience” and it surely does makes you feel a whole lot different. The game is intense, and the graphics are amazing – HD is the new way to go about it we believe.

Canabalt HD draws you into the game and keeps you hooked. Even though one tends to believe and one has to believe Jailbreaker too did pretty much the same but if you are someone who hasn’t really observed what we are talking about, Jailbreaker exists ONLY for iOS i.e. Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch) as of now hence for someone who has been using an Android device and loves to play ‘running’ games, then the Google Play market has just gotten a lot more likeable for you. With Temple Run coming to Android and now, Jailbreaker play alike and in fact just a little better with the nifty graphics and amazing HD along with being a little more tough, Canabalt HD is the game to go for. 

The only thing that might stop you from downloading it is the price and we too believe, even though it is awesome, we believe Canabalt HD is a bit overpriced. The game would have been awesome at half its price but given that there isn’t jailbreaker on Android just as yet, the developers are making full use of it. 

All in all, amazing game, addictive to quite an extent, the feel of the game is awesome and so is the music. Do check this one out. 

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