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The Edge of Power by Tuhin A. Sinha : Book Review

 Tuhin A. Sinha is one of the most renowned names in Indian Writing with his fans ranging from all walks of life, including some really big names from both Politics and Media circles. After the best-seller and hard-hitting ‘The Edge of Desire’ which I read only recently, Tuhin takes the story further with The Edge […] Continue reading →

THE MYSTIC NATURE by Angarika Datta

DarkForest THE MYSTIC NATURE The night is still, with a light breeze, No sound of the wee cricket or the majestic owl, All the beasts of the night are in their dens tonight. I, a lonely figure walking by! I looked up at the inky black sky and felt the moon peering down with sadness, With […] Continue reading →

Reflection by Angarika Datta

past-present-future Standing at the crossroads of life, I pause to think for a moment. I think of the past, the present and the future And ponder who to choose.   I consider my Past, that long lost beloved, With him I spent my childhood and teenage, The 19 years of my life. Alas! It’s long gone, […] Continue reading →

Case Study. The diligence of Anthropology!

anthropology woordenboek My last article elucidated about how and what exactly anthropology is, also about different fields under anthropology. Now let me give you some information about how does an anthropologist work. There are different methods which are undertaken by the anthropologist to do their fieldwork. They are: Observational method, Questionnaire method, Participant observation, Interview, and Case […] Continue reading →

Getting A Haircut In Mumbai On A Lazy Sunday

young-girls-haircut1 Sunday, June 19, 2011  – 1020 hours “I’ll be back in an hour,” I left my home saying. I walked down two blocks from my colony towards a newly inaugurated salon which my friend had recommended. ‘Shri Guru Gobind Saloon – Non A/C’ Yes! That was the name on the billboard (with the typo). The […] Continue reading →

Guest Post : I Remember… by Neha Nagwekar

248611_2027618779656_1034245_n I Remember… Drowning in the sea of memories, I remember Chatting on small silly things, I remember Even winter seemed to be autumn Spending time in waiting for you, I remember Never did my eyes tire watching your way Making new reasons each time of your late arrival, I remember Searching for you in the […] Continue reading →

All About Mutual Fund Investing

guest-post Here are some basic facts that you need to know before you invest in a mutual fund. Mutual Funds are increasingly being touted as the retail investors’ investment vehicle. But the key challenge is to choose the right fund. But it’s simple. It only requires a bit of discipline and little time – hardly a […] Continue reading →

3 of the best IOS sports Apps released in 2012

guest-post If you’re a fan of sports then you’ll probably already know just how useful it can be to have a device running the iOS, such as an iPhone or iPad. This is simply because there are so many different apps out there that can make the whole sporting experience that much better. Of course, with countless apps […] Continue reading →