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Life and the Moh Maya Concept

sab Over the past few days I have been using the phrase “Sab Moh Maya hai” a lot of times in a number of situations and given that it has pissed a few people now, I guess I owe an explanation to them, to everyone else and to myself for using the phrase time and time […] Continue reading →

New Year – New Me?

New-Year-New-Me So it’s time to gear up for all those tweets, status updates, whatsapp messages and what not coming your way that claim nothing but one statement – New Year, New Me! This message could very well have been kept at a certain level of abstraction in the messages that you received but most of them […] Continue reading →

Life and where does a misfit fit in?

misfits_logo_big4 While most of the world is busy figuring what they are made for and many blindly following whatsoever will get them a higher pay cheque there exist a lonesome few, the people often known as misfits. Now these are not the misfits who become misfits by following higher pay cheques i.e. choosing a wrong domain […] Continue reading →

Confessions of a Tech Junkie

the tech junkie Confessions of a Tech Junkie Time and time again people ask me – “Why do you buy a new device almost every month?” The only answer I give them every single time is “I am a tech junkie. I cannot survive without technology.” Some of them are satisfied with the answer and those who aren’t […] Continue reading →

It’s When The True Colors Come Out

Soccer - Manchester United v Real Madrid - Head to Head Disclaimer: This post is going to be highly opinionated and may bear absolutely no resemblance with anything fact or fictitious. So you have been warned for the true colors evolving. Yes, I did end up writing a disclaimer at the top of the article instead of the usual at the foot of the post. But, it had […] Continue reading →