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Dear Dad : Happy Birthday

dad letter Dear Dad, I have picked up my pen a number of times in the past but everytime I thought of writing something about you, I couldn’t. The words failed me every time so here I am giving it one last try: Dear Dad Ever since my life began, I have been your number 1 fan. […] Continue reading →

The Lost World

jpg_SA_NotreHistoire         The Lost World I’ve lived times peaceful and insane, Times of joy as well as pain. I’ve lived the life of a free bird , I’ve lived stories never heard. I got life from someone’s death, I’ve sacrificed for someone all my wealth. I wrote what you’re reading with someone’s ink, […] Continue reading →

But Life Will Still Go On

heart         BUT LIFE WILL STILL GO ON There’s a bond between me and you layered with silence , but all our thoughts collide with violence . I’m not to sure whether its right or wrong, But life I know will still go on If my heart decides what it feels for you […] Continue reading →


 I saw her in April, Everything looks sparky I was all charged up, Her blue eyes made me crazy.. During June I proposed her, But the heat was on, and she said firmly NO But till July her answer changed, And with the pouring rain, Everything Looks greener and She was the one I gained…. […] Continue reading →

I saw your Grave!

images           I Saw Your Grave When life simply left my hand, You promised, behind me you’d stand. When every happy moment will be torn, You promised, you’d give me your shoulder to cry on. When I would shake hands with the word called “fail” You promised towards hope you’d make my […] Continue reading →

A daughter…. is what i want to be!

father_and_daughter1245377149 A daughter…. is what i want to be We talk and talk all day and night, Although mostly it ends up in a fight. I don’t wish to hurt you, but I do it at times. And without paying attention you forgive me for all my crimes, I take you for granted and that’s what […] Continue reading →

Happy New Year!

happy-new-year-2012-7 It’s that time of the year again, It’s that day when I have picked up my pen yet again. Yes it’s New Year people, It’s time to do something useful. It’s time to take New Year resolutions, It’s time to work on how to break them. It’s time to enjoy New Year eve, It’s time […] Continue reading →

You turn every dream into a certain reality!

love It’s been long, Since I wrote for you, But my love for you, Still is true. Words never do justice, They never have, To express my love for you, And yet here I am giving it yet another try! Don’t blame me, For my lack of words, For when you occupy the mind, The reality […] Continue reading →