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Blast From The Past

Movie Review: Law Abiding citizen!

l Easily, this is Gerard Butler’s best movie till date! The one thing which I can guarantee is that you will like this movie not because of it’s plot, story( both are a little flimsy!) but Gerard Butler’s performance is what we call as the “Show Stopper” act! The movie begins with the murder of Butler’s( […] Continue reading →

Movie: Saving Private Ryan

pvtposter Released in 1995, I think it’s a bit too late to actually “review” this movie but ever since watching it I have felt this compulsion to write about it nevertheless.This has to be present in the list of Steven Spielberg’s finest film, if not his finest! Spielberg directed this powerful movie based on the events […] Continue reading →

Movie Review: In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones

ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones. [xrr rating=4/5]   This is probably the best campus film I have EVER seen. It’s immensely moving, compassionate and thoughtful… and by the time it ended I found a tear or two trickling down my eyes with a big wide smile… and that compassionate faint smile of Arundhati […] Continue reading →

Movie: Ace Ventura-Pet Detective!

aceventura1_1024x768 If there is a limit to madness then Jim Carrey certainly knows how to go past it everytime he puts on his “acting” cap! Being a huge fan of Jim Carrey myself, this film probably shot Carrey to stardom which culminated in him doing films like “Dumb and Dumber” and my eternal favourite “The Mask” later that […] Continue reading →

Movie Review: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

kuch kuch hota hai Kuch Kuch Hota Hai [xrr rating=5/5] Review: I know its often brushed off as silly but so what? Inspite of its inane premise, I firmly believe that its a very carefully and well written film with never a dull moment, amazing background score, jovial choreography, beautiful art work, aesthetic riot of colors (rare for its […] Continue reading →

Blast from the Past #23

 Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day [xrr rating=2/5] Review: The film would have been much sweeter and effective not only if it was sharper, less akin to a bad play and depended a little less on the background score but also if they had disallowed Miss Adams from exhibiting free and generous lessons in over […] Continue reading →

Blast from the Past #22

 Away From Her [xrr rating=0.5/5] Review: I have never seen a film which is so full of some of the most boring, redundant and obvious vignettes. The only amazing part about it is that how it consistently fails to be everything synonymous to romance and sentiments, what it so desperately aspires to achieve. Nothing works […] Continue reading →

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army Review

 Hellboy 2: The Golden Army [xrr rating=1/5]   Review: Del toro had enough budget to feed unpartitioned India for an entire year yet he managed to come up with nothing but this dud.  It has spectacular CGIs, fabulous production design, so much of detailing and wit gone into designing the creatures yet each time they reveal themselves they fail […] Continue reading →