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Learn to speak Dothraki by reading this post!

dothraki-phrasebook Hash yer dothrae chek asshekh? While all you Game of Thrones fans are sulking over the death of the champion (oops, a late spoiler alert) here are a few steps that will help you learn Dothraki. If you are a GoT fan then in all probability you are a Khalesi fan and if you are […] Continue reading →

Smartphones : Sales And Statistics! [INFOGRAPHIC]

infographic It is impossible to imagine life without a smartphone these days. A couple of weeks ago I was at my cousin’s home and his four year old kid was explaining his elder sister how to play Temple Run, no actually how to play Temple Run ‘correctly’. Technology boom has been almost mesmerizing in the past […] Continue reading →

What type of iPhone user are you?

7 type of iphone users I still remember the first time Steve Jobs spoke about the concept of iPhone at MacWorld in the year 2007. Till this day, I believe the way Steve Jobs presented the iPhone, unveiled it to the world is the key for it’s success. For those of you who missed the presentation, here is the video […] Continue reading →

Google launches two new services for the fools!

google nose beta So apparently it appears Google’s failed attempt of trolling people or rather fooling people using YouTube shutdown prank had them thinking and hence they came up with a couple of other new services. Here are two new services that Google has launched on April 1st 2013 and we would love to believe that they aren’t part of […] Continue reading →

13 emerging bands from around the globe [Infographic]

emerging bands from around the globe The music industry has a history where have gone from nothing to superstars in a matter of days. This trend has become more prevalent ever since the likes of youtube and social media came into existence. While it is responsible for the singers like Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black being famous (we believe for all […] Continue reading →