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The Latest & Best 3 Social Media Updates

The Latest & Best 3 Social Media Updates Social Media has flourished in leaps and bounds! From Facebook to Instagram, we are using it all day, every day! And what make these social networking platforms tick well and claim success are the interesting updates each comes up with recurrently. Here are three new updates that you’ll find interesting! Facebook Has Added a Brand […] Continue reading →

The truth about Facebook Confession Pages!

facebook page confessions Welcome to the world of social media. The story of social media begins with MySpace pages and Orkut (which the early teenagers of today wouldn’t even recall for they never used it. Now that we are talking about Orkut, it is pretty interesting to know that every teenager is 18 years of age! The reason? […] Continue reading →

Facebook’s Revamped News Feed : A Google+ Rip off?

Facebook's News Feed So we are back to talking about changes appearing on Facebook but one consistent thing that has been a part of majority of the changes made on Facebook is that most of them are extremely similar to the things that have already been implemented by Google+. The lack of usage of Google+ by an average […] Continue reading →

How to ignore people on Social Networks – The Subtle Way

untick show in news feed With so many social networks (Facebook and Twitter being the biggest ones) and instant messengers present in the modern age of computers or rather what is actually the computer age, ignoring people is kind of difficult. I know that many of you would be of the opinion why should one ignore people but believe it […] Continue reading →

The complete list of Facebook Emoticons!

coffee_emoticon Facebook might have dipped in it’s popularity just a little bit or maybe it’s just a myth but Facebook’s chat still continues to be the best way that people love to communicate (now, second to Whatsapp maybe). One of the best things that make Facebook Chat pretty interesting is the presence of so many emoticons […] Continue reading →

Facebook lets you schedule updates for your Fan Page!

become_a_facebook_fan Facebook has rolled out more than a few dozen of changes ever since Google+ came into existence and to state the fact outright, all Google+ achieved was providing innovative ideas for people at Facebook to implement and keep the 600million strong community on the top as far as Social Networking is concerned. Given the number […] Continue reading →