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Sporos : App Review

sporos app review App Name : Sporos Platform : Android, iOS Cost : Free for Android, 0.99$ for iOS Review: To be really honest, it was about time someone thought of something that had nothing to do with making the character jump over hurdles or hit pigs using birds applying real physics knowledge. Games like Temple Run, Subway […] Continue reading →

Buzz Launcher – The Ultimate Launcher for Android

Buzz Launcher Google Nexus Theme The power of Android as far as playing around with it’s User Interface is concerned is humongous. A number of launchers have been created by a number of developers, the most widely used being GO Launcher, Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher and ADW Launcher. Even though all these launchers provide a plethora of customization that can make your Android device […] Continue reading →

Signature Secret Notes & Photos App Review

match the signature Name : Signature Secret Notes & Photos Platform: iOS 4.3 or later Cost : Free for 3 notes, 1.99$ for unlimited notes Review: Signature Secret Notes & Photos, as is evident from the name is an application that lets you hide notes and photos using a signature. The utility of this application is for those who […] Continue reading →

Wipeout for Android : App Review

wipeout Wipeout is a Popular American Game TV show where the participants bounce off huge balls (no puns intended), try to avoid a number of interesting obstacles to cross the finish line. The one to do so in the least amount of time wins. Watching people getting hit by boxing gloves, falling in water, getting stuck […] Continue reading →

WeChat : The next Whatsapp Rival?

weChat app review With Whatsapp landing on every single mobile phone OS (except for Samsung’s Bada OS) it has gone wild with million and million of download and each and every smart phone OS. The ability of Whatsapp to provide cross platform instant messaging service for free (of course you need to be connect to the internet using […] Continue reading →

App Review : Virtua Tennis Challenge

virtua tennis challenge Name : Virtua Tennis Challenge Platform : Android, iOS Cost : 4.99$ Review:  Virtua Tennis Challenge is by far the best Lawn Tennis game that you might ever encounter for your Android or iOS device. Stick Tennis too is pretty good but then it certainly isn’t as challenging as Virtua Tennis Challenge. The game which […] Continue reading →

Whatsapp’s Update adds more Emoji Symbols!

WhatsApp-for-Android-Update-Adds-More-Emoji-Symbols Whatsapp is literally ruling over the world of Instant Messaging and serving the purpose of a cross platform chat room for millions of users who have downloaded it over and over again on different devices they have used. Even though an increase in Whatsapp users has caused overload problems, at least that’s what we think […] Continue reading →