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Six Guns : App Review

six guns Platform: iOS, Android Cost: Freemium [xrr rating=2.5/5] So here is yet another freemium game from Gameloft. Six Guns is yet another first person shooter from Gameloft. We have come across many first person shooters from Gameloft in the past, Battlefield and Brothers in Arms being two of them. Even though we somehow don’t really like […] Continue reading →

Temple Run for Android : App Review

temple run So yesterday we told you about the release of Temple Run for your android device and today here we are, to give you the review of the same.  So temple run for android? How happy are we to hear the news? VERY! Okay so let’s begin the review with what we thought we will begin […] Continue reading →

App Review: Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space Splash So it’s been a couple of days since Angry Birds Space was launched by Rovio and we have already played the game for more than a few hours. That’s pretty much usual as far as any Angry Birds game is concerned. From the first ever release which we call the Angry Birds Classic to Angry […] Continue reading →

Skater Boy Review

SB0 Game: Skater BoyGenre: Skateboarding, 2D Side Scrolling Arcade Game Platform: Android This game struck the Android market, or rather Google Play as we call it now, with a bang! There has been quite a buzz regarding this game lately and it has made it’s way to the top free games in the market. Being the first skateboarding […] Continue reading →

Fifa 12 for iPhone App Review

fifa12_fifa_mobile_ea_iphone [xrr rating=4/5] Price: 4.99$ Fifa has been one our favorite game irrespective of the platform. Be it a XBOX, a Play Station, be it PC or be it any mobile device. Fifa 12 was recently released for Android but has been a part of the iOS, both for iPhone and iPad for quite a while […] Continue reading →

App Review: Dooors

dooors app image Price: Free Platform: iOS Hi all. Today i am reviewing a new but amazing puzzle game. One that will definitely keep your phone at your fingertips. The game has a very easy concept but is very tricky and i will admit, i have had to use Google for a couple of the levels! Which means […] Continue reading →