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Python Tutorial #Part 7 Classes and Objects

multiple inheritance Python Tutorial #Part 7 Classes and Objects   Hi , today we are going to start with classes which is  a part of object oriented programming . What exactly is a class , it’s a logical level abstraction in other words it means it hide’s the actual logic behind the code and shows us a […] Continue reading →

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial VI — Creating your own Brush

TutFeat6 It surely has been a long time since I updated this section. The last tutorial was around three months back and I apologize for not updating this section since then. Frankly speaking, I haven’t been photoshopping a lot lately myself, partly because of exams but majorly because I have been too busy playing League of […] Continue reading →

Tutorial: Introduction to JAVA

Screenshot-23 Well our website is already providing you the tutorial over some of the most interesting languages/software mainly PYTHON and PHOTOSHOP. So we thought it was about time to give you something on one of the most important and most in demand language at the moment: JAVA!   To give you a brief intro about JAVA, […] Continue reading →

Python Tutorial # Part – 6 Input and Output

how to use repr() and str() PYTHON TUTORIAL # PART -6 INPUT AND OUTPUT   Hi guys , in today’s  tutorial we’re  going to learn how to display data in more fancier ways, how to input data and how to read and write into a file. There are several ways to present the output of a program; data can be printed […] Continue reading →

Python tutorial # Part 5

how to open a new window in python PYTHON TUTORIAL # PART-5   Hi guys ,today we going to learn about modules in python.  Modules is more like header files in C/C++  , which contain the source code to methods that we use . It is a pretty  simple topic to follow.  If you exit from a python shell session, the definitions you […] Continue reading →

Python Tutorial #Part 4

how to apply append function on a list PYTHON TUTORIAL # PART 4 DATA STRUTURES   Hi guys ,welcome to your 4th python tutorial  . in this we are going to discuss about data structure  . Like Other programming languauges python also has data structures ,in python  queues and stacks are implemented by the use of lists.Hence it is important for us to […] Continue reading →

Python tutorial # part 3

function definition PYTHON TUTORIAL # PART -3: Functions   Guys today  were going to learn how to define a function and to call a function . By now u must have  got a hang of things in python , so this our next step towards intense programming . I expect that u guys have read the previous […] Continue reading →

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial V: How to make a Planet

TutFeat5 Hey hey..How are you doing my fellow observers? Hope you tried out (and enjoyed) the last tutorial and understood the basics of photo manips. Anyways, today I am gonna take you guys for a trip into space….I mean..graphically! And I say this because today, we’ll be creating a planet in Photoshop with a very simple […] Continue reading →