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Python Tutorial #Part 7 Classes and Objects

multiple inheritance Python Tutorial #Part 7 Classes and Objects   Hi , today we are going to start with classes which is  a part of object oriented programming . What exactly is a class , it’s a logical level abstraction in other words it means it hide’s the actual logic behind the code and shows us a […] Continue reading →

Python Tutorial # Part – 6 Input and Output

how to use repr() and str() PYTHON TUTORIAL # PART -6 INPUT AND OUTPUT   Hi guys , in today’s  tutorial we’re  going to learn how to display data in more fancier ways, how to input data and how to read and write into a file. There are several ways to present the output of a program; data can be printed […] Continue reading →

Python tutorial # Part 5

how to open a new window in python PYTHON TUTORIAL # PART-5   Hi guys ,today we going to learn about modules in python.  Modules is more like header files in C/C++  , which contain the source code to methods that we use . It is a pretty  simple topic to follow.  If you exit from a python shell session, the definitions you […] Continue reading →

Python Tutorial #Part 4

how to apply append function on a list PYTHON TUTORIAL # PART 4 DATA STRUTURES   Hi guys ,welcome to your 4th python tutorial  . in this we are going to discuss about data structure  . Like Other programming languauges python also has data structures ,in python  queues and stacks are implemented by the use of lists.Hence it is important for us to […] Continue reading →

Python tutorial # part 3

function definition PYTHON TUTORIAL # PART -3: Functions   Guys today  were going to learn how to define a function and to call a function . By now u must have  got a hang of things in python , so this our next step towards intense programming . I expect that u guys have read the previous […] Continue reading →

Python tutorial # Part 2

python break command  Hi guys its me again Abhishek (aka encounter shankar) with the next part of this tutorial . In this part we’re going to learn about the building blocks of python. The most important part of programming is looping ,u got to be very clear with your loops because they create the most awful ERROR’s in […] Continue reading →

Python Tutorial # Part 1

python1  Hi guys. How are you all doing today? So now that we are up and running we thought that why not we start putting up more tutorials to help all those beginners out there who are hungry to learn. So from now we will provide you with tutorials on Python. The tutorials will be by […] Continue reading →