Do you hate filling the CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA or Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart (yeah, it does have a full form) is something that you see on almost each and every website you visit. At least on those where you are creating an account or want to view someone’s email id or while posting a comment on a forum and likewise. CAPTCHA exists everywhere over the web. Now even though CAPTCHA has been one effective way of removing considerable amount of spam online but the end user or rather the end human user certainly doesn’t understand the importance of CAPTCHA. The fact is, out of all the people who have ever come across CAPTCHA, 99.5% of the users hate to fill it in!

We too have often hated the presence of CAPTCHA just for the fact that in trying to eliminate a computer or a bot from filling a form, the CAPTCHA sometimes gets so complex that it isn’t even human readable and that’s exactly where the frustration creeps in. We are pretty sure why most of you hate CAPTCHA as well. Anyhow, rules are rules and well the fact is irrespective of how bad it might appear, it certainly makes a life of someone who has to deal with spam bots a lot more easier.

If you have ever wondered from where exactly CAPTCHA originated, here is an infographic that gives the timeline of the CAPTCHA and a few insights as to why and how many users online hate using it. Here is the infographic on hatred of the CAPTCHA!

2 thoughts on “Do you hate filling the CAPTCHA?

  1. I’m more likely to pass an Algerba test then a spam captcha one.

  2. I have a question about this topic. Why do some youtube videos have MORE spam captchas then others? Some videos you can post several times before you reach the first one while others it comes up right away.

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