Don’t Straighten My Mess. You’ll Foul Up The System!

We live in a messy world! No wait, we like to live in a messy world.
Long gone are the days when someone would sit across the balcony, watch the sun go down, sipping hot tea and quietly think to themselves how wonderful their day has been. Today we are surrounded by mess and lets face it we like it that way. Be it the messy rooms, messy relationships, messy lifestyle, messy food, we like our mess. And no there is no pun intended even though we love Lionel Messi too. The fact is we have become so accustomed to it that a few peaceful days here and there and life suddenly seems very boring. Or in the most Delhi-ite lingo, ‘boring sa ho ra hai yaar’. We actually find entertainment in seeing two people growl each other’s heads apart and a few punches thrown in here and there makes things a little more interesting. So it sure is the problem. Where is the solution?

We are living in a world where if you did not spill a few drinks or break a few hearts you are considered out of the messy picture and hence out-dated. Too saintly? Maybe. But the solution is always in the form of that one person in our lives who constantly tries to clean up our mess. For some of us it is that one amazing friend or a sibling who tries to clean up all the garbage we throw, or even our beloved moms who do everything they can to try and instill some brains, and for very few lucky ones a partner who cleans up the mess instead of creating it. The last one is sure as rare as a lunar eclipse, or maybe not. But we are having plenty of lunar eclipses lately, right? Yet the funniest bit is that, that one person probably faces the brunt of our mess the most. Friends and siblings get told to stay out of it, we don’t get along with our moms anymore cause they are a generation old and partners, oh well, they never seem to understand do they? Yet when the push comes to shove we run to one of them and plead for a suggestion. The same people who we asked maybe some moments ago to stay right out of it. After all we are all mature and can fix things ourselves. I mean which Lion wants to be told he is not the King?
The best part though is that we have started to find amusement in such ways. We like our rooms shabby cause its easier that way to pick our things in the mornings of college. Who would look through a stack of well piled up 30 massive books weighing way more than the Great Khali himself for a practical notebook of Chemistry? Bah, ain’t that like so old century now? Cue one guy out of 100 in a students hostel whose room is not a mess, bang on its the mission of 99 others to go on and bring him to their side of the messy border. It becomes the true aim, even more than passing the test on Inorganic Chemistry next morning.
Where exactly are we getting to? Well, the answer is simple, create mess, enjoy it too, but always make sure you have a mopper around you. It could be anyone, but make sure you are not left all alone cleaning it up and then giving up half way in because you got so tired. A life lived alone is not a life, similarly a mess created and cleaned all alone is not a mess, and trust me, more people you have to clean up for you, the messier the mess is and way more fun to clean it.
So,till the next time, keep creating the mess, but please, make sure you have your cleaning agent on board with you to help you clean it while you enjoy it too.

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