Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts are here!

So now that facebook is going under a string of changes, first the home page look, then the skype integration, then applications, then the timeline and now they have come up with something that even though only a few users might use, but it most definitely is something that people will who use it, will enjoy it for it will make navigation a lot more easier for these specific users.

We are talking about the recently brought into action keyboard shortcuts for facebook.


Here are the shortcuts that we have come across as of now:

For Windows users who use the following two browsers, the key combination to use are as follows:

  • Firefox: Shift + Alt + #
  • Chrome: Alt + #

(The # are the numbers that are given below and when pressed along with these, form the shortcuts)

For Mac users, these are the key combinations:

  • Firefox : Control + #
  • Chrome: Control + Option + #
  • Safari: Control + Option + #

Here are the shortcuts i.e. the key to replace ‘#’ with so as to be able to make the shortcuts work:

  • 1 : home
  • 2 : timeline/profile
  • 3 : friends
  • 4 : messages
  • 5 : notifications
  • 6 : general account settings
  • 7 : privacy settings
  • 8 : Facebook’s Facebook page
  • 9 : legal terms
  • 0 : help center
  • m : new message
  • ? : search

In lightbox mode i.e. the mode that you see once you click on a photo. A more common phrase for this is the ‘theatre mode’. Here are two simple short cuts that don’t even require pressing the above combination. Just the single press of a button works. Here are the couple of shortcuts that that can be used in theatre mode:

  • L: Like/Unlike photos
  • Left and right arrow keys: Skip back and forth between photos

So all these sum up the keyboard shortcuts that we have come across as of now. Do you know of any other that we might have missed in our list? Do right about it in the comment box. Happy ‘short cutting’.

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