Fast for Facebook : A better Facebook experience for your Android

Tired of the slowness of Facebook Android Application? Irritated with the non responsiveness and how cumbersome the application is? Thinking this one to be one of those advertisements that you often see on television, those cheap belts that miraculously reduces your weight by 10 kilograms? Well, for the first two we have a solution. For the third, this isn’t an advertisement, even though beginning the way we did got us a bit confused as well.

Fast for Facebook is an Android Application that is more or less inspired by Android 4.0 i.e. Ice Cream Sandwich. The inspiration is in the theme of the application and the icons, the tabs that the application has. The first time you open the application you are presented with a login tab to login to your Facebook account. Once logged in, it will ask you to choose from two options, one for faster Facebook experience and the second for quality experience. You can choose either as per your convenience. The faster option makes the application, how do we put it, 100% faster than the default application while the quality experience too is fast even though after the recent update to Facebook official application, the quality experience is getting close to the official one. When we say fast, taking the benchmark of the default Facebook Android application, it still is pretty quick. Once you are done giving the choice, you are presented with the news feed of your profile and the feel good ICS theme to it makes the application worth using.

Here is the screenshot of how the application looks.

As is pretty much clear, working on the ICS theme, it has ICS inspired icons and the background that you see has been changed from the default Simple Grey to Wheat Theme. That’s another good feature of the application, applying themes to the background. It comes with five alternate themes at the moment. Fast for Facebook, as is evident, is a lot less bulky from the official application and the scrolling is a lot more swift.

We weren’t able to open up our Facebook Page though. The application force closed every single time we tried. We did get a lot of Force Close though but one can expect that for the application still is in Beta mode and we were working on an alternate ROM not an official release.

If you are someone who explorers Facebook a lot through your mobile device and are working on a mid range or a basic android device, you are bound to find the default application a lot more bulky hence Fast for Facebook surely is an alternate you can go for.

As the updates come along and it does come out of Beta, the application will certainly be your one stop solution! We would rather love Facebook to make this the Official Application instead of what they have at the moment.

The application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play market from here.

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