Fiction To Reality Timeline!

Fiction to reality has been the most intriguing thing that we have discovered off late. 

How many times in the past have you seen something in a Hollywood flick or in any other science fiction movie from any part of the world and said – “That’s not possible. Nothing like that exists. Nothing like that ever will.”

Well, the fact is you are right on the first part, nothing like that exists at the moment, but something like that will most definitely exist in the future. We all know that the way technology is portrayed in movies, it is surely a bit and sometimes, a bit too much exaggerated but the fact that these works of fiction, often turn into reality in a few years, maybe a in a few decades is something that makes this timeline all the more interesting. It’s not just technology but the entire lifestyle that has seldom been portrayed in a way that can never be imagined or as of now, to the average human brain, appears too good to be true. 

So today, we are going to give you an infographic that we stumbled upon. This infographic by, takes a closer look on how the technology, the lifestyle, the devices and a number of other things that were presented as a piece of fiction in a certain movie in the past, eventually, have become a certain reality. Even though how amazing it may seem, one has to believe that it is actually the creativity of the people who think of, who imagine such things happening that do develop the idea in the mind of the scientists to make them a reality. 

Here is the infographic that shows the fiction to reality timeline as has been observed:

                                    (Click on the image for a better and larger view of the infographic)


















So now as is visible, a number of things have certainly been turned into a reality, the next time you go for a movie, and are amazed by the technology that has been used, go home and work on it, for who knows you might end up being the part of the list who actually turned fiction into reality! While you are at it, do build us a flying car as well! 😉

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