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Game: Gears of War 3
Genre: Third Person Shooter
Developer: Epic Games
Release Date: September 22, 2011

Gears of War is a third person shooter developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft Games Studios exclusively for Xbox 360. It was scheduled for a release in April 2011 but was pushed back to September. This will be the third and the final chapter in the Gears of War series.


The game will pick up 18 months after the events of Gears of War 2. It will answer a lot of questions that one has in mind regarding the history of the world, the characters and the happenings. So far, the game has been revealed to begin on the Raven’s Nest, where a group of former COG, including Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago, and Anya Stroud, are trying to live out their lives in what peace they can. Things start to get complicated though when Richard Prescott appears and reveals that Adam Fenix is still alive.  Throughout the single player campaign, players will not only get to play Dom and Marcus like in the previous two games, they will also get to play Baird and Cole and the squad will get to explore their history.


The player will once again play Marcus Fenix, although the control will shift to other characters at different points throughout the game. A few new playable female characters will be introduced: Samantha Byrne, Anya Stroud, Queen Myrrah, and Bernadette Mataki. Other playable characters include: Jace Stratton, a battle-hardened soldier who appears in the comic series and is mentioned in the second game, and Griffin, leader of a group of human survivors called the Stranded.

Several new Locust enemies will be added — the Savage Grenadier, the digger boomer, the Locust Siege Beast, the Kantus Knight, as well as the return of both ordinary and Lambent Berserkers. Additionally, the game introduces the new Lambent enemies, such as Drudges, Polyps, and Lambent Stalks. Many new weapons will be added; the Retro Lancer — a lancer with a bayonet attachment, the Digger Launcher — a gun that launches small digging creatures through the ground at high speeds and explode, the Sawed-off Shotgun, Incendiary Grenades and the One Shot —  a heavy weapon that, as the name suggests, kills enemies in a single shot.

Gears 3 will add a fully controllable mech suit, called silverback, which will be available for use in certain parts of the game. This special suit will be armed with a machine gun and rocket launcher and will offer two operating modes — Assault mode: Controlled like a standard character and a Stationary mode: In which the player will lock into position and deploy their armor on the ground allowing them to attack more powerfully.

The multiplayer has been hugely improved and a lot of new modes have been added. The biggest addition being the four-player co-op mode. In the co-op mode for Gears 1 and 2, Player 1 plays as Marcus whereas Player 2 as Dom. Gears 3 will add to this by allowing the third and the fourth player to play as Baird and Cole respectively. Apart from the co-op mode a Beast mode, which is similar to the Horde mode, has been added.  The player will get to play as the Locust creatures in this mode rather than the COG members. Tokens will be earned for killing enemies, allowing players to upgrade to a stronger Locust class. Known Locust classes to be included are Tickers, Wretches, Drones, Kantuses, Kantus Knights, Boomers, Digger Boomers, Butchers and Berserkers.

Horde mode will also be featured in the third chapter as Horde 2.0. Instead of previously being a simple “find a spot and hold out” game as in Gears 2, Horde 2.0 will be far more strategic. Players will now choose an area as their “Command Post”. They will earn cash from kills which will be used to build defences around the post, such as wire and laser fences, automatic and manual turrets, and decoys. Every tenth wave will now feature boss monsters from the campaign, including Brumaks and Lambent Berserkers. It has also been rumored that Savage Corpsers will be included.

Closing comment:

With so many new things being added, Gears 3 certainly seems promising. Visually, the game looks impressive;  gameplay seems amazing; apart from refining the cover system and striving to make it the best in industry, the developers have also added many new mechanics/modes/characters to make the experience even better. The game will be the conclusion to the Gears series and will hopefully offer a satisfying end.

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