Get Flipboard for your Android NOW!

More than a week ago, Samsung Galaxy S III was launched and apart from the killer specifications, a rather ugly design, the presence of TouchWhiz, the one big thing that was thought to come along with Galaxy S III was ‘Flipboard’ an application that has been widely loved by iOS device users. Ever since Flipboard was released on iOS, Android users have been waiting impatiently for it to launch on the open source platform. Finally, at the launch ceremony of Samsung Galaxy S III people did get to see Flipboard in action on an Android device. 

The big disappointment came when it was announced that Flipboard will be a Galaxy S III exclusive but on a open source platform, nothing really is ‘device exclusive’!

So are you someone who is waiting to lay your hands on Flipboard for your Android Device? Well, your wish has just been granted!

Ahead of the release of Samsung Galaxy S III, Flipboard has been extracted from the device or rather what one will generally refer to as, Flipboard has been leaked for your Android Device right from Samsung Galaxy S III!

Here is how you can get Flipboard for your Android device:

1. Head over to this link at XDA forums and download the apk file.

2. Once you are done downloading the file, copy the apk file to your Android Device. Make sure you have enabled Untrusted Sources from the application settings. 

3. Go to the apk file using any file browser and install it!

That’s just about it! You have Flipboard installed on your Android!

Even though we can’t be sure about the compatibility of the application with various Android versions just yet but we would recommend you to try out the application and hope that it works for you. If it does or if it doesn’t work, do share with us in the comment section. It will most definitely help other users decide if their device is compatible with the application!

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