Google Doodle : Peter Carl Fabergé 164th Birthday!

Google is back with yet another interesting Doodle. Google doodle today celebrates 166th birthday of Russian jeweller Peter Carl Faberge. He is best known for his glistening Easter eggs made by using precious gemstones and metals.

Today’s Doodle, in which the letters of the word “Google” are hidden within Fabergé eggs, honours what would have been his 164th birthday. Fabergé, also known as Karl Gustavovich Fabergé, was born in Saint Petersburg in 1846 and died on Sept. 24, 1920, after the Bolsheviks nationalized his company following the October Revolution and confiscated the stock. Fabergé fled with his family to Switzerland and died two years later.

Peter Carl Fabergé (May 30, 1846 – September 24, 1920) was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia to the Baltic German jeweller Gustav Fabergé and his Danish wife Charlotte Jungstedt.  In 1860 Gustav Fabergé, together with his wife and children retired to Dresden, leaving the business in the hands of capable and trusted managers. Peter Carl possibly undertook a course at the Dresden Arts and Crafts School.

Later, in 1882 at Pan-Russian Exhibition in Moscow he won the gold medal that his achievements were recognised.

Today’s Google Doodle, a stylised Google logo on Google’s homepage, reveres the craftsmanship of Peter Carl Fabergé, renowned for his distinctive Fabergé egg creations. Apparently, the preparation of each of the Fabergé eggs took about a year. It’s believed a Fabergé egg, dubbed the ‘Rothschild Egg’ sold for stg£8.9m at Christie’s in 2007.

Fabergé designed Easter eggs for the Romanovs for 37 years, a total of 54 eggs. Only 47 of the Fabergé eggs are believed to have survived. Nine of the famous Imperial Fabergé eggs were displayed in India during an exhibition in late 2008.

Of his many works, one of his pieces was a replica of a 4th century BC gold bangle from the Scythian Treasure in the Hermitage which Tsar found it hard to distinguish from the original. His works were examples of exceptional contemporary Russian craftsmanship.

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