Google Doodle : Slalom Canoe at Olympics

Google is here with yet another Doodle which will go live in a few hours in India. Over the last two days, Google came up with two very exciting and in so many ways killer pass time and addictive interactive Doodles. Two days ago, Google came up with it’s first interactive doodle which was based on the Hurdles race, that, certainly kept us hooked for quite some while. Today or rather yesterday night came the Google doodle on Basketball which is as addictive as the Hurdles one.

Now, Google is back with yet another interactive and playable Doodle and this time it is based on Slalom Canoe at Olympics. Again, we expect that Google is taking Slalom Canoe to be in the spotlight tomorrow and hence has come up with the doodle on Slalom Canoe.

For the eager few, this Google Doodle is now live and can played by going to this link.

To us Slalom Canoe sounds too complicated so we will call it rowing instead. Right or wrong, we don’t really care for the Google Doodle still is pretty awesome and a very interesting way to kill some time.

This doodle, just like the last two is about rowing your boat past the finish line as quickly as possible. This time, the difficulty has been increased a bit as well as you have to give a sense of direction while rowing your boat and try to row your boat between the planks or what can be considered as check points. There are a couple of other obstacles as well such as stones that will tend to decrease the speed of your boat if you row on top of them.

Again, just like the last two Google Doodles this one too is highly addictive and worth giving a try. Playing the game is simple though, just like the last two were. You have to row your boat using the left and the right arrows of your keyboard. The left one will row the left plank of the row while the right key rows the right plank so it is important to press them alternatively to keep the sense of direction straight. Pressing them in any other way will shift the direction of the boat and that too might be needed sometimes when you will have to row past the check points.

So head over to the link provided above and start rowing or Slalom Canoe-ing or whatever it is called! Enjoy!

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