Google Nexus 7 Unboxing & Quick Review [Video]

Google Nexus 7 built by ASUS has turned many a head with almost every technology site that matters and every critic that matters giving it an average of 9/10 along with an Editor’s Choice as well!

Priced at 200$ in the US, the 7 inch Google Nexus 7 has a number of features that any other 7 inch tablet comes close to beating Google Nexus 7. In fact, from where we see it, we do not see any 10 inch tablet apart from Asus Transformer Prime of course that comes close to beating this device. With a Tegra 3 processor on board, 1GB RAM and a High Definition display Google Nexus 7 certainly impressed us at the first very look.

Now, even though Google Nexus 7 is yet to be launched in India but we did get it imported. So here we are with a quick unboxing and a quick review of the device that will certainly explain how good the Google Nexus 7  really is.

The fact that the device didn’t have any sort of pixelation even after considerable amount of zoom is certainly a good feature to look out for. One thing that did surprise us was the absence of a pair of headphones. As for the issues in the device, Google Nexus 7 along with any other device running Jelly Bean has seen a screen flickering issue which is thought to be as a software issue. Flashing an alternate Rom or kernel solved the problem for many who had been facing the issue. That’s pretty much the only issue we too came across. Apart from that the Google Nexus 7 is really really light and at it’s price value, it certainly appears to be unbeatable in the tablet market, the 7 inch tablet market at least!\

We will follow up with a detailed review of the device soon. Stay Tuned.

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