Guest Post: From the scarlet streets… By Ishita Jain

An eyelash we bat
The world will squat.
We need no jewel
for we have passed,a test most cruel !
Nothing we need to say
Already everything,
is on its way.
A demure,wry smile
on quiet lips
A secret we hold,
on the blood-red finger tips.
Slender legs,
a dainty waist
yet,we have swallowed
So much not to taste !
They do not know
Of passion unleashed
The legacy of a geisha
is hence bequeathed.
We know our art
to tame a heart.
They go away,
For beauty,
is just skin-deep…
Will we ever have
something,to forever keep ?
A home,that is mine
Where there is no ‘ours’
Where my own hope
will be the only flower.
To live,for not a name
No sham,no shame…
In a world,where everything sells,
Will I hear again,the melody of the church bells ?
To display,a love to show,
there is not a heart to know
Of what goes on,
When the curtains close
The sparkle fades,
A day recedes
The painted mask
drops slowly
A veneer,
of a geisha, like a gilded lily.
Does anyone think
the pain she cherishes
most close to the bosom
Is a sole clasp,
to a life now,
‘In Memorandum’….

Ishita is a literature student, who reads, but only between the lines and mostly reads things that literaturestudents wouldn’t want to be seen dead reading. She gets bored easily and often takes refuge in using people close to her as objects to combat boredom. She likes to hit the kitchen once in a while, though it doesn’t mean she’ll actually cook, could just be catching on with the latest gossip or cribbing about something to her mom. She is sensitive, over-sensitive, hyper-sensitive, basically all kinds of sensitive. She loves to talk, that is probably why the last four lines are so full of commas and and(s). Do come back to hear from her again. She will be posting here every Wednesday!

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