Guest Post : I Remember… by Neha Nagwekar

I Remember…

Drowning in the sea of memories, I remember
Chatting on small silly things, I remember
Even winter seemed to be autumn
Spending time in waiting for you, I remember

Never did my eyes tire watching your way
Making new reasons each time of your late arrival, I remember
Searching for you in the fragrance of wind
Accompanying the sky above to shed tears, I remember

Spending time together sometime
Sometimes smiling over everything of mine
Hiding your words even after saying them sometimes, I remember

Wished to hear something from you but, I remember
Our ways had not even met yet
But turning of roads changing of directions, I remember

I wished we could make a story
But scattering of all pages, I remember
Not a story though we could make a chapter
Each n every paragraph of this chapter, I REMEMBER….!

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