Guest Post: Of the hypocrite, By the hypocrite, For the hypocrite. By Arunima

We Indians should be known for our hypocrisy. It’s almost as if we pledged it.  Now before you brand me a traitor take a look at this:

1)     Thou shall never talk about sex. And God forbid if you ever do! (Insert multiple Haw’s). Sex is still a taboo. Women wanting sex are definitely “sluts”. The only way children learn about the birds and the bees is through the internet or through a “cool” friend. Schools turn a deaf ear at the mention of the term sex education. And if any Bollywood movie decides to have a proper sex scene ( I mean minus the flowers , thunder and lightning) we file a PIL. ( i.e ‘Public Interest’ Litigation). The funny part is that we still call ourselves the “Land of Kamasutra.” We shun this word like a disease even though it’s pretty clear that we are downright doing it! And that too without contraceptives. (Just look at our population.)

2)    Thou can’t drink until 25 years of age. Now really? We can vote. We can drive. We can get married. Which  usually also means we can have babies. But if we dare drink , we become criminals! Now I think the intention of this law was to control accidents caused by drunken driving. But this is no solution. Instead of criminalizing everyone, the ones who drink and drive should be heavily penalized.

3)    Thou can have love only between a man and woman. Section 377 has been amended. But  the mentality is still the same. Our pea-brained Health Minister calls Homosexuality a “ western disease” when the west ( ie the WHO has removed it from the list of diseases way back in the 1990’s and Gay marriages are now legal in some states in the USA.) The people who use religion , culture as excuses should go back to our ancient history books and read a bit carefully. No religion ever tells you which organs can be used to have sex. Also 250 known animal species have shown homosexual behavior. Hence the “unnatural” argument is a whole load of trash.  Years of social conditioning and the influence of the colonial laws ( ie section 377 was made by the British) have made us ignorant. Just because they are a minority , it doesn’t mean that we don’t respect them and not give them their basic rights.

4)    Thou can only give birth to a girl. Yes. This still happens. And if you think only in rural villages in Haryana , then you are mistaken. Here is real life example : My mom who is a gynecologist operated on my well- read ninth grade physics teacher. This was to be her second daughter. To my mum’s shock my teacher said that she was not “happy” to have a second daughter. Now this made my blood boil. Though of course this is not as violent as an abortion or a foeticide but deep down that bias is still there even in educated , rich families whether you like it or not.

I don’t hate my country. I think we are just very confused. We are desperately trying to find our place in the world. We neither want to become completely sold out western , nor completely regressive and orthodox. I also like Indian culture. But my definition of culture is a bit different. For me it’s our food, architecture, history, art, monuments and not all these archaic laws and sick mentalities that strip an individual off his or her freedom.

These moral protectors need to know that “preserving culture” and “stifling a human being” are not the same things.

When I put all this in front of someone They say , “Bah! Whom are you kidding? Nobody will follow laws if we make them. And if we give them rights people will still TALK ( ie “log kya kahenge” edition). Things will never change.”

Well if you never speak out or do something about it , they never will.


Words from the writer: I am a lit student with a shameless appetite for music , chocolates , television and  bwady jokes. I love to  scribble on any piece of paper I can get my hands on. I listen and then I write. I like silence, pyjamas and dogs. Open minded , liberal , active LGBT supporter,stubborn , incapable of too much talking. A lot of things about this world bother me but i may not be yelling my views from the rooftoops. Silent rebellion is my way.

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